Monday, November 18, 2002

Again, no time to blog, here's how it went Friday night, or 11/15 con't....

Friday Nov 15
9:00 back up complete.
IBM Jeff is here. He does not like the way the drives are stacked in the
big box (Norm). Opens little box for new part. Worries about cables and

9:20 with systom down, looks, thinks we might ALSO need adapter board.

9:25 calls IBM, we don't need board but their is a data transfer cable- goes
back plane to back plane (part #93h4340) Jeff talked through all the steps
of intallation with support to make sure that there would be no more
surprises. I hope that's true.

10:00 reassembles machine

10:15 we have login - comparinq hdisk to before, yes, all there, error log
good, only shows off, on, reboot.

10:25 Jeff leaves

10:30 fixed cron back for weekend.


Back to Today, Monday 11/18....

Conversation with Summit about the weekend and the parts. Joe tells me that IBM said the drives were in but waiting for cable. That's untrue, they are all sitting in box. He can work with IBM, they will come out tomorrow and make it right with parts that they are sending overnight today.

I asked him to send SSA adapter and connections, I want to have more than I need and send back what is not used this time, no excuses. I referred to comment made by Sean in August about perhaps needing more than one SSA adapter. I no longer trust what IBM says about this install. Joe is checking with his F50 expert there and will get back.

More on this later!

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