Friday, April 11, 2003

Hey, how about this. Finally remembered to blog after 3 months away. What happened to me? Nothing, really, just the day to day crap-o-la.

We went back to Norman for a week from April 2-8, last week. My mother showed me an article from the Daily Oklahoman, an AP story, about a woman who took 2-3 pics a day and journaled because she did not want to lose memories of the people around her.

I thought of BLOG. That's what the little gizmo eye cam is for. I can do it all online, too. Duh.

Work: We got the news today that our department is moving to another building. Hmmmm. Smaller digs and will room with Kelsie and the new guy, Cory. I will document.

Home: We have music stuff to do this weekend, the session and Celtic Harvest rehearsal.

I desperately need to update all my web pages.

The house needs cleaning, too, as usual. Yikes.

More later. Have a good weekend.

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