Thursday, May 27, 2004


I should tell you about the changes made in the wireless computing arena since the lapse in the blog, from August 2003 until May 2004...

Back last summer, I was extremely fixated on getting a Treo 600. But, T-mobile did not come out with it and I NEEDED a new gizmo in the worst way. I had made the Handspring Prism & VisorPhone last for years but the trip to Europe in August was the final straw!! I nursed it along for a few weeks but by November I had to break down and buy a new outfit.

I went with a Nokia 3650 bluetooth phone and a Palm Tungsten T3.

I had wanted to stay away from 2 pieces to have a wireless palm, but I have found that the phone & TT3 combo works great. The best part is the large screen real estate of the TT3. I got that outfit with the wireless keyboard. Works great but hoses beaming files & events to Mikey.

None of this was cheap. But all necessary.

GO here to see TextAmerica FLUTECAKE photo blog, also has been infrequent!! BUT I VOW TO IMPROVE!!!

Point is, the TT3 takes an SD card, which goes into little Mustek 4MP camera and back again... gets emailed as attachment from Snappermail or FTP with VFSFTP, left over from the old PALM CAM. Another site that needs updating!!

Then there's my Webshots gallery, too. I will be adding more there, too.

Anyhow, I was not too much fun over the winter. Pictures have a way of not happening when you don't feel expressively artistic. But summer is fast approaching and life begins again!

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