Sunday, June 20, 2004

ABS-CBN News says:

"...California-based Keynote Systems, which monitors the Internet performance of many large corporations, said it detected a “major” issue affecting the availability of websites for such companies as Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and Apple, lasting from about two hours Tuesday morning.

Keynote said the outage appeared to affect only clients of Akamai Technologies, which helps manage major companies’ Internet traffic. The service was apparently hit by hacker attacks in which a site or network is flooded by requests.

Although the problem appeared to have been fixed, some Yahoo e-mail users said they still experienced problems into the evening. Spokesmen for Akamai and Yahoo could not be reached for comment. ..."

So, basically, it seems that this leg of the internet has been hacked. They seem to be up and down, etc.

I am very PARANOID about this because it seems perfectly plausible to me that the current bastards in power are very threatened by the grass roots movement on the internet that solidifies the liberal movement.

You see, always ask yourself this question about events you cannot fully understand, WHO BENEFITS?? You see, if they knock out the internet in key places, then they can slow down the movement to throw them out of power, and they only have a few months to subvert the remaining communication & freedoms of America.

Sound CRACKED?? Oh, baby, you heard it here first is all.

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