Friday, July 09, 2004

Geek things this week:

1. Fixed the MMS settings on my smart phone, Nokia 3650. Posted to my Text America MoBlog, Flutecake for the first time in months.

2. Moved into the hosting site for Celtic Harvest . Setup new mail boxes for the people in the band. Some minor issues remain, had a DNS error sending from work PC. Sent support an email. Need to put the forwarding script on the old Geocities webpage and edit it.

3. Installed new games that were FREE at Mac Tucows.

4. Reinstalled the password keeper software, 9.95 PASSWORD MANAGER, that I forgot the password for on my Palm. (BIG TIP: be sure to delete the backup on PC or Mac before you install! Actually, should do a Hot Sync once without it before installing) Hey, c'mon, I was on vacation. I have lots more to update there.

5. Setup new eBay user ID. Going to get cracking!! Hoping to become an eBay success!! Waiting to hear from Clarke tin whistles about wholesale.

6. Posted new pix for the vacation, Dudley visit Delmarva album on WebShots.

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