Sunday, November 07, 2004

Post Election Blues

What a week this has been. This might get you caught up with what's going on in my head...

The Democratic National Committee sent me a link to a survey. Here is how I filled it out.

1. How did you participate in this election?

I made my first donation of many & signed up with the Kerry campaign in November 2002.

As a moderator on a political forum with almost 5,000 members.

Air America Place

Kept my friends & family in the loop with the latest campaign issues.

Put 15 Pro-Kerry and Anti-Bush bumperstickers on the back of my PTCruiser and drove all over town.

Drove people to the polls. Stood outside of poll place to greet voters.

I am a musician in a working Irish band, we donated the band's time to play for fundraisers for local State Senate & for Gov. Minner. Took money to play for Republican fundraiser and donated the money to our favorite Democrat for State Senate campaign.

2. Is this the first time you participated in election activism?

No, won't be the last, either.

3. How would you like to continue to stay involved? (Volunteering, phonebanking, fundraising, local organizing, etc.)

I don't know if I want to be associated with the Democratic Party anymore. If I am going to be disenfranchised, I might as well find a party that is more liberal and does not try to be GOP-LITE to get the middle of America.

I am a leftie. You guys don't represent me, it seems.

4. Did you feel the actions you took were effective?


5. Was it a good experience for you?

Yes. Up until election night.

6. How would you make it better?

How can you ask THAT?? When 60% of eligible voters go to the polls, people were very committed to voting.

The Democrats AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL could have made the National message better- more about the economy and what is now going to happen to us, now that we will truly have one party government. You guys dropped the ball.

7. Please share other thoughts and comments you have about the 2004 election and what Democrats and the Democratic Party should do going forward.

I am mad as hell at the DNC, because those GOP bastards stole the election in Ohio and Kerry was TOLD to concede too early.

Before the 2006 election cycle, there needs to be many changes made at the STATE/COUNTY level to avoid fraud. Not enough was done about Black Box voting. America can do better than this 3rd world shambles voting and protect votes for each and every eligible citizen. The dirty tricks of the Karl Rove gang for preventing poor & minorities from voting must not be allowed to continue. The DNC dropped the ball on this for the 2004 vote, too. We knew they would try to steal it. And they did.

I want our troops out of this sham of an illegal war. Terrorists cannot be defeated in a ground war in the wrong country. (Of course Iraqis hate us now, we are occupying their country and torturing people) Where is Osama bin Laden?

The world community cannot believe we Americans are so stupid. And neither can I.

Bush's answer for robbing Social Security is THE FLU. Steal from the poor and give it to the rich. That's a hell of a way to live out the rest of our miserable lives.

Oh, yeah, and did I mention, that I am mad as hell at the DNC??? Fire that damn Terry McAuliffe and quit selling out to big money corporate outfits. Get back to the people and pull your heads out of your backsides!

You can take this survey yourself, Democrat Post Election Survey

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