Saturday, January 01, 2005

How I spent my New Year's EVE

I worked in the flower shop from 8-1, then went for a couple pints of Guinness with the old man.

From 3-6, I did my usual First Night Volunteer job to do kids crafts, this year we had clear plastic lunch bags for them to decorate, I was the ribbon stringer for the handles, insert a glow stick so they could carry their luminaria to the 6 o'clock kids fireworks at the Legislative Hall (our State Capitol building) a few blocks away!

From 7-11, Kelly & I were First Night paid performers at the Beyond Dimension Gallery/Shop. Well publicized, a lot of good friends stopped by to say hello. I took the opportunity to start the ball rolling for our own commute to DC for the January 20 protest.

We got over to our friends house just in time to toast the New Year and played music until 4AM!!! So, that means we played music for 8 hours, drinking wine and spending quality time with friends!

Such stamina for old people!! Contacts in eyes for 20-1/2 hours!!!

So, what did you do???

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