Saturday, June 14, 2008

Link Between Cellphones and Cancer ???

Well - Debate Over Link Between Cellphones and Cancer Is Revived -

Cellphones emit non-ionizing radiation, waves of energy that are too weak to break chemical bonds or to set off the DNA damage known to cause cancer. There is no known biological mechanism to explain how non-ionizing radiation might lead to cancer.

But researchers who have raised concerns say that just because science can’t explain the mechanism doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. Concerns have focused on the heat generated by cellphones and the fact that the radio frequencies are absorbed mostly by the head and neck. In recent studies that suggest a risk, the tumors tend to occur on the same side of the head where the patient typically holds the phone.

Like most research on the subject, the studies are observational, showing only an association between cellphone use and cancer, not a causal relationship. The most important of these studies is called Interphone, a vast research effort in 13 countries, including Canada, Israel and several in Europe.

I bought one of these types of earpieces, with an air tube.

It isn't bad sounding but it will take some getting used to. I also use the speaker phone more.

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Bobby Kennedy, Jr. interviews Dr. George Carlo, Public Health Scientist, on Ring of Fire, you can see this on, search for

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Dr. Carlo's website

Look at the info, decide if you still love your bluetooth headset.  I think I have a headache behind my eye, now.  Ow.
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