Friday, July 03, 2009

Can I start taking photos again?

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Some disappointments in life, lately, have caused me to shelve my photo interests. I have been carrying around my little Nikon, iPhone (of course), but Spring came & went without any good flower photography, except the Philly Flower Show with Heather.

I am determined to overcome the doldrums and get back out there. Follow my links back to my Flickr page for more.

I have made three small purchases recently to help myself out.

1) A Mino Flip video camera. 2 hours of good quality in low light filming, the sound isn't bad. I am compiling an iMovie of the first day along with some stills. Hope to finish that off tomorrow

2) A new tri-pod, not an incredibly cheap one but one that is more wieldy than the video camera tripod from the 2001 era.

3) An Eye-Fi card for the Nikon. This will wirelessly upload pictures over any Wi-Fi I come in contact with - to Flickr.

Please take a look at the Flickr pages. I hadn't updated all the pictures from the March Irish Music Madness season, until today.

I have to get caught up because I plan to take lots of pictures on the 4th!

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