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I am an entrepenuer. I am a painter, see Jancolors Artworks. I have a studio & gallery in Downtown Dover, Delaware.

I am a working musician and I play flute, whistles, concertina, accordion and now, ukulele. I am in a band that works frequently on Delmarva, Celtic Harvest. I am a board member of the Delaware Friends of Folk.
I am a Mac user at work & at home. I had many years as PC support at the old newspaper, each moment re-enforcing my need to use Macs, suggest Macs to friends & loved ones. Stopping short of pounding the table, I can only take that so far, it seems.

I used to design rubber stamps, had my own company in Boston, got bored- I was over that before it became popular in the Mid-Atlantic where we moved.

I used to draw editorial cartoons, found politics too sad & scary, couldn't make them funny enough, so found other outlets. I love to follow cartoonists, however!
I have pets.

Social Media

On Twitter, I am Jancolors.
I also have a Facebook page, but I loathe most of the FB experience, I don't play their games of follow through on application invitations or pester my friends with 'gifts'. I love to connect with family and local people & businesses.

Are YOU a Crumpley, too?

If you'll contact me (jan at symbol crumpley period com), I'd be happy to share the domain with you. I will want to get to know you, of course, and especially if you are related-- if you are some of the Oklahoma, Missouri or Colorado Crumpleys I want to connect! I am Crumpley by marriage, of course, share the love!

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